Why I am Thankful For Teaching

I am thankful for teaching and being a teacher.  There are so many professions I could have gone into, and so many jobs that I could do.  Teaching is what I love, and I am grateful for the opportunity to teach.

So many positive things have happened in my life over the past year.  This time of year, I always take time for gratitude in my personal life.  I will continue to do that this year with my friends and family.  This Thanksgiving, however, I wanted to take some time for teaching related gratitude.  Here are five things that make me thankful for teaching this year.

Why I am Thankful for teaching

My School

The school that I work at is a true blessing to me.  I love the students, and adults I get to work with everyday.  Teaching can be stressful at times, as we all know.  Having a school community that I love, allows me to persevere and continue to thrive.  My school is a big part of why I am thankful for teaching.

My Co-Workers

I am fortunate to work with some great people.  Over the past school year, my coworkers and I have really come together.  It’s important to know that you have support, and I’m grateful to be part of our staff.

Sharing my Resources With Others

I truly love sharing the products I create with fellow teachers.  Here is my favorite freebie for this time of the year.  The First Thanksgiving Lesson and Pop up book.  It’s full of information, and ton of fun!

First Thanksgiving Lesson and Pop Up Book

Online Teaching With VIPKid

In addition to being a brick and mortar teacher, I also teach part time online each morning.  I began doing this about a year and a half ago as a summer job.  I’ve had so much fun – way more fun than I ever imagined.  I’ve bonded with students all the way in China, which I never thought possible from teaching online.  It has become another blessing in my life.  If you’re interested in learning how you can teach online from home, click here.

Amazing Resources from Other Teacher Authors

We can’t create everything ourselves as teachers.  I have many teacher authors who have made my life as a teacher better!  One of my favorites is Learning at the Primary Pond.  Her first grade shared reading bundle has been great as I’ve transitioned into teaching first grade this school year.

This post is my opportunity to say THANK YOU!!! to all of the people who allow me to do what I do.  Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!

What are some work related things you are grateful for this year?  Feel free to enter them in the comments below.

Why I am Thankful For Teaching
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    November 22, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Your post is an inspiration to me and I am sure to others who are devoted to educating our youth. In the spirit of thanksgiving let me thank you for generously posting one of your lessons for free for the holidays. Your lessons help keep students engaged which is paramount to learning. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

    • Reply
      November 22, 2014 at 6:06 pm

      Thank you so much! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well!

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