Guided Reading PowerPoint and Lessons

Guided reading is a great way to target students at their reading level. At first, guided reading appears daunting because you have different lessons for each reading level. In reality, during the course of the school year your students levels will change. A guided reading book which was too challenging for your low readers in September, may be perfect for them in April. Teachers reuse their best guided reading materials and activities with multiple reading groups throughout the school year. Here are links to some of my favorite guided reading PowerPoint and lessons.

Focus on the reading skill

I like to focus on a reading skill each week. Ideally, I focus on the same reading skill with each of my reading groups. The only difference is the literature we use to focus on each reading skill. This helps me keep my sanity. Each day, I teach a minilesson on the reading skill which all of the groups focus on during guided reading and center time. Here are some of my favorite guided reading powerpoint lessons for second grade.

free guided reading powerpoint on asking and answering questions
A free guided reading powerpoint
guided reading powerpoint on Identifying key details in a story
Have fun with teaching common core

Have Fun with the Reading Skill

Once my students understand the reading skill, it’s time to have some fun. My students adore hands on activities – where they can cut, paste, and color. They’ve become particularly fond of pop up books where they interact with characters we’ve studied. Here are some links to some fun guided reading activities.

Free Paul Bunyan Guided Reading Activity
Free Paul Bunyan Guided Reading Activity
Free guided reading lesson on hyperbole
Guided reading lesson on Idioms
Guided reading activity on Johnny Appleseed

Engage Students in the Text

Once you’ve taught the reading skill, it’s time to delve into the text. Here are some engaging guided reading lessons.

Guided reading lesson on "Red"

For more examples of how I teach guided reading in my classroom, check out this blog post on Adding Fun To Your Guided Reading Lessons. I hope these tips, PowerPoints and lessons are beneficial for you and your class. Enjoy!