Second Grade Science Lessons

I love teaching Science lessons to my students. My goal is to create products that make teaching Science on a regular basis manageable for all teachers. Here are my favorite Science lessons.

Understanding Balance and Motion

Understanding Balance and Motion is a fun unit that can be taught in conjunction with the FOSS unit Balance and Motion. It helps young students practice the skills they’re learning about in a fun way.


I love this unit because it combines literacy activities with Science. Students read all about dinosaurs, and learn more about the prehistoric period. The non-fiction literacy text is very engaging, and there are art projects so that all students can participate in the lessons. This is always a favorite unit for both me and my students!

This unit delves into the worlds of both insects and plants. Once again it’s a great companion to the FOSS unit Insects and Plants. Students get a lot of background information, and practice applying the skills they are learning hands on in the unit. This unit, also includes rich informational text so students are practicing their literacy skills as well as their science skills. There are also a lot of illustrations which students can color. I find that this helps my second language and diverse learners a great deal.

Interactive Insects Digital Lesson

I also created a digital product to help students practice their skills identifying insects. Students love going through this self-correcting digital product. It was a lot of fun to create, and even more fun for students to use!