Second Grade PowerPoint Lessons

I love beginning each day’s literacy lesson with a PowerPoint covering that day’s reading skill. I recently created some wonderful common Core aligned Second Grade PowerPoint lessons. These PowerPoints have changed my teaching life! My school does not have a reading curriculum, so my PowerPoints help me make sure I am teaching each necessary standard. For more tips on how I teach literacy without a reading curriculum you can view this blog post. Each PowerPoint is designed to be your minilesson for the day, and contains an exit slip which can be used as an assessment on the day’s lesson. Lessons also contain a Google Slides link. Happy Teaching!

This RL 2.1 PowerPoint Bundle contains four different lessons on understanding key details and finding the main idea. There are exit slips for each day, and an end of the week assessment.

Second Grade PowerPoint lessons

This lesson focuses on identifying key details in a story.

PowerPoint on identifying key details

This lesson focuses on identifying the main idea in a story.

Looking for help teaching how to recount recount stories and determine their central meaning?

My RL 2.2 bundle may be just what the teacher ordered! In all seriousness, I love this bundle because it focuses on some beloved folktales to help students learn how to find the morals of stories. The text of each folktale is included directly in each PowerPoint. The folktales included are: The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Ugly Duckling, and Chicken Little. Here is what the bundle looks like.

Second Grade PowerPoing Lessons for RL 2.2.

This bundle includes everything that you need to effectively teach and assess RL 2.2. A perfect tool for your second grade PowerPoint lessons.

RL 2.3 Budle

This bundle covers RL 2.3 in detail. It embeds the text of beloved folk tales to help students delve into character studies. It contains four detailed PowerPoint lessons, as well as assessments.

RL 2.3 PowerPoint Bundle

This bundle will handle all of your lessons for RL 2.3.