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    Fall in love Johnny Appleseed | Activities

    First of all, I love fall. A few years ago, I created a unit built around Johnny Appleseed activities to help usher in the season. Fall is such a magical season, and sometimes, children are reluctant to embrace it because it means saying goodbye to summer. Johnny Appleseed activities are a great way to get your class into the fall spirit while keeping up with your Reading standards, Writing, Science, Social Studies, Art, and organizing a field trip. Talk about…

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  • 10 Teaching Back-to-School Tips

    As teachers, we all know the best strategies and tips for a great school year. We’ve read the books, taken the courses, and had years of experience. Things move so quickly…

  • Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals for Teachers

    Amazon Prime With a Twist, Please

    Teachers and New Moms: Amazon Prime Day 2023 Last Call! Hello, wonderful educators! Is Prime Day coming to an end already? Yes, it is! Amazon Prime Day 2023 is in it’s…