Unleashing the Potential of Interactive Learning Resources

Unleashing the power of interactive learning resources.

Teaching and learning are constantly changing. As teachers, sometimes we embrace the new trends, and sometimes we fight them. When it comes to technology and the trend of interactive learning resources, the time to embrace them is now. Don’t get me wrong, students should not stare at screens all day. That being said, many of the new interactive learning resources are so engaging that they can truly improve your classroom experience (and lower your stress level in terms of preparation). Here are some ways to effectively use these tools in your classroom.

Unleashing the Power of Interactive Learning Resources.

How Can Teachers Use Interactive Resources to Engage Learners?

It can be a lot of fun teaching lessons with animated presentations on the Smart Board. What I love most about these presentations is that I can put the informational text or literary text directly into the presentation for students to read. I also know I won’t forget where I was in a lesson due to an intercom interruption, fire drill, or other class disruption. Here are some of my favorite slide show presentations. These resources offer a wealth of opportunities for making lessons come alive.

I also feel My students have truly come to love interactive games. We enjoy playing interactive games as a whole class and in small groups. Students can work together and I can monitor that students are learning from the resource.

Many Ways to Teach the Same Skill

Have you ever taught what you thought was a fabulous lesson, and then realized that few of your students understood the skill? Using Interactive resources you quickly have two or three other methods to present the skill multiple times without teaching the same lesson again. This is especially nice for second language and diverse learners who need repeated exposure. They are also great to tailoring different lessons to different learning styles. Whether your students are visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learners, there will be a lesson to help them learn effectively.

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Unleashing the Potential of Interactive Learning Resources
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