Fall Fun

This year, we took our students to the farm on Halloween. We had a great time, despite wickedly cold temperatures.

To prepare for our first field trip of the year, we read Charlotte’s Web.  We had a lot of fun reading all about Charlotte and Wilbur.  We also did plenty of reading response activities around Charlotte’s Web.

Charlotte's Web Bulletin Board

We also studied Johnny Appleseed before we went, while learning about idioms. My students learned a lot about idioms, and shared many that they knew.  Afterwards they displayed what they learned with these adorable Johnny Appleseed pop up books!

Johnny Appleseed Pop up book
Johnny Appleseed Pop up book

Visiting the Farm

After all of our learning in the classroom, it was time to visit a farm of our own.  While we were a bit late in the season to pick apples this year, my students had a ton of fun being outdoors, and looking at the beauty that truly is nature.  We truly enjoyed the beauty of the season as we explored the farm.
Despite not being able to pick apples, we were able to pick out pumpkins.  Everyone was able to pick a pumpkin to bring home – just in time for the trick or treaters.

The Petting Zoo

Then it was time to visit the petting zoo, where they were able to hold and pet many animals.  Here we are with some pigs.  Needless to say, my students called every pig we saw Wilbur.

Then it was time to bid farewell, and board the bus.  Despite the cold weather, we had a great day.  My students packed up their pumpkins and we headed back to school.  Once at school, we had enough time to pass out a few Halloween treats in class, and then students went home to do their real trick or treating.  Hopefully your Halloween was was fun as ours was!

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