Family Tree Bulletin Board

Family Tree Bulletin Board

Last week my class did one of my favorite lessons.  We created family trees, and wrote about our families.  The writing as well as the family trees turned out beautiful, and I wanted to take a minute to share the beautiful family tree bulletin board we created.  You can find the complete Family tree activity and lessons here.

Here is our Family Tree bulletin board:

Family Tree Bulletin Board

Welcoming To All Families

Students love writing about their families, and it is a great way to get them writing.  Creating the Family trees is also a great way to bring the family into what you’re doing in school.  I work hard to make this project welcoming to all families.  For example, I let students know that they do not have to complete both sides of the family tree.  I also allow families to modify the family tree to include spaces for step-parents, and birth parents.  In fact, I show my students pictures of different types of trees and let them know that just like real trees – families look very different.

Accessible to all languages

Another modification I enjoy is allowing my second language learners to complete the family trees in their native language.  I have a lot of students from Asia, and I always have family trees which include Korean, or Chinese characters.  This, once again allows the entire family to work on the family tree together and share family stories – which is the point behind the lesson.  For more ideas on how I use this lesson, please view my post on forging connections by studying families

A Favorite Lesson

This is always one of my favorite lessons because I learn so much about my students, as well as their families. I always feel that it brings my class closer together. It is a high success activity, and one that allows each student to shine. I hope your class enjoys it too!

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