Amazon Prime Day Shopping Deals

I remember when Amazon Prime Day first began, I really was not sure what it was. I was ready to shop that day, but spent so much time searching for the best Amazon Prime Day Shopping Deals – in the end I bought some items that I needed, but did not really feel like I’d saved any money.

Amazon Prime Day has changed! Amazon Prime Day is now 2 days long, and over the 2 day period Amazon will unveil over 2 million shopping deals!

Prime Day 2023

How Do I Find Prime Day Deals?

So, what’s the catch – First, you must be a Prime member. It’s worth joining in advance with a trial membership like this one just so you can take advantage of the sales.

Second, the deals move fast! So, you need to check back to your favorite blogs often over the 2 days to see what the best current deals are. This year, Amazon is offering Invite Only Deals which I explain in my Amazon Prime 2023 post.

I love to shop, and as a teacher am constantly looking for great deals. It’s fun to find unique and practical products. I created this page with teachers in mind, but this page is for anyone who enjoys learning about new products and great prices! These are my shopping finds, tips, and strategies. They are here for all to enjoy! The links in this post are affiliates, meaning I may receive a payment if you purchase from them.

What are the 2023 Amazon Prime Day Deals?

The best ones are right here.

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Amazon Prime Day Shopping Deals