Amazon Prime With a Twist, Please

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals for Teachers

Teachers and New Moms: Amazon Prime Day 2023 Last Call!

Hello, wonderful educators! Is Prime Day coming to an end already? Yes, it is! Amazon Prime Day 2023 is in it’s final stretch! This year, there’s an exciting twist to the event that I can’t wait to share with you. If you are not a prime member, you can sign up for a trial version to take advantage of this year’s Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals for Teachers and New Moms

Amazon Prime 2023 Twist? Invite Only Prime Deals!

This year we were able to request invitations for the biggest sales. Hopefully, you were able to snag one. The invite-only option has of course closed because Prime Day has begun. If you didn’t get an invitation, try your hand once again at the Lightning Deals. They are amazing.

Another fabulous twist is Amazon’s connection this year with tons of small businesses. Many of your favorite small businesses are hosting their sales on Amazon’s sight. I have many which are favorites, but as a new mom I have to take this opportunity to highlight Happiest Baby’s Prime Day site.

The Snoo is on sale today for 20% off! I purchased the Snoo for my daughter, and she loves it! I know I have gained extra hours of sleep as it has rocked her gently while she sleeps. This is not a sponsored post, I’m a genuine customer. Check it out, if you haven’t heard of it yet.

Happiest Baby Prime Day Site

Amazon Prime Day 2023: Deals for Teachers and New Moms

It’s time for me to guide you through the remaining labyrinth of deals, pointing out the best ones for teachers. This year, however, a very special little person has been occupying my thoughts (and heart!). My beautiful daughter, Laurel, was born this May. So, I’ve also added a touch of baby-related deals to the mix because, let’s face it, I’m a new mom, and I can’t resist!

Today I am focusing on deals from day 2 of Prime Day. I will keep the day one links active at the end of this post as well.

Amazon Prime Day 2 2023 Teacher Deals

These magnetic ten frame sets are perfect for a math center, and on sale today for 31% off.

Magnetic Ten Frame Math Center

These Hand2Mind Fraction Blocks are a great tool when introducing fractions to your students. They are on sale today for 20% off.

Hand2Mind Fraction Blocks

These Hand2Mind Number Stamps are a perfect Kindergarten Math Center. They are over 50% off today.

Hand2Mind Number Stamps

I have blogged before about my Calm Down Center. These are the Sensory Tubes I use in it. They are quite therapeutic for students when they are upset, or just need some time to themselves. These are 34% off today.

Sensory Tubes

Students love working with Pop-its, and here’s a great way to put them to an educational use. These phonemic sound pop-its contain consonant sounds, vowel sounds, and digraph blends. They are perfect for a reading center or teacher table activity. Today they’re 30% off.

Phonemic Sounds Pop-it

These rotating CVC blocks became a favorite center for my first graders last school year. They used them along with their CVC sight word cards.

Rotating CVC blocks

I found this letter sand tracing tray and lid on sale today. I have always wanted an easier way for students to trace their letters in the sand, and this may be it, especially since it is 15% off today.

Letter sand tracing tray

These magnetic blocks are another favorite of mine for the Calm Down Center. They are also a great STEM activity for the classroom. They are on sale today for 48% off.

Magnetic blocks

Another new activity for my Teacher Table this year will be the Fidget Sight Word Game. I haven’t played it yet, but it looks promising at 20% off.

Amazon Prime Day 2023 Deals for New Moms

I have added this baby clothes stain treater to my shopping cart. My daughter is a newborn and has already stained some beautiful outfits. I’m hopeful about this product. . . I’ll see for 20% off today.

Baby clothes stain treater

This Haakaa Nail Care set is great for filing down newborns nails, without causing damage. I use it on my daughter, and I don’t worry about hurting her when I use it. It’s also 20% off today.

Haakaa Nail Care Set

Baby Jogger is continuing it’s sales today. Yesterday I featured the City Mini Travel set, and today I’m featuring the Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All Terrain Stroller on sale for $299, a 40% savings!

Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All Terrain Stroller $299 on Amazon today.

I have been pumping so much lately. I keep looking at the Elvie electrical wearable pump, but don’t want to spend that much on a second pump. This is another wearable electric breast pump whose reviews look promising. It’s on sale today for $53.98, and yes – I’m adding it to my cart as well.

Wearable electric breast pump

This rear-facing car seat mirror is 53% off today and a great bargain if you don’t have one yet. It’s a great way to see your little one while driving safely.

Rear facing car seat mirror

I know I already mentioned the Happiest Baby Snoo, but today everything on the Happiest Baby Amazon site is up to 40% off. I plan to grab a few new sleep sacks today, because my daughter is moving to a size Medium sleep sack.

Snoo Sleep Sacks

The final mom product I’ll post about today is this inkless hand and footprint kit. It’s perfect if you’re making moments of your newborn.

inkless hand and footprint kit

Day 1 Amazon Prime Deals (Many are ongoing)

I am ordering this portable small dry erase board for my Small Group work at my Kidney Table. It’s perfect for small group work, when I need to demonstrate something at the Teacher’s Table. It’s 19% off today.

Small Dry Erase Board

Speaking of reading centers. Learning Resources has sales today, including this one perfect for Kindergarten and beginning of the year First Graders. A great reading center.

Learning Resources Reading Center

Picasso Tiles are a must for Classroom Centers, and a great STEM building activity. All Picasso products are up to 59% off today.

Picasso Products up to 59% off today.

Last school year I purchased these mini whiteboard erasers – Forty-eight come in a pack, for only $11.19 with today’s Prime Day deal. They are inexpensive and you won’t become upset if they become lost or damaged. My students liked the ease of always having an eraser for their whiteboards. They are also more visually pleasing than using a sock : )

Mini whiteboard erasers

Another sure to please item for the classroom are these Sensory Stickers. A perfect reward for students with Sensory needs, or any student.

Sensory Stickers

Graco and Baby Jogger Car Seats, Strollers, Highchairs, and Playards up to 40% off today.

I’m highlighting this Baby Jogger City Mini Travel Set on sale for only $499 today.

Baby Jogger City Mini Travel Set $499 today.

Like this Babybjorn Travel Crib

Or this night light projector of a star-lit sky.

Here are a few upcoming deals for school worth snagging:

These gel pens will help make grading papers a little less mundane.

These line ruled sticky pads are a favorite of mine for quick notes I need to stick on a task for a parent volunteer, student teacher, or anyone I’m lucky enough to have working in my room for a bit.

Two Days, Two Million Deals

Can you believe it? Amazon will be offering over 2 million deals across these two days! That is more deals than ever before. It’s like a treasure hunt; I’ll be your trusty map. But remember, only Prime members can take advantage of these fantastic offers. If you’re not a member yet, don’t worry! You can start your trial right here and join the fun.

Just a quick note: all the links in this post are affiliates, meaning I might receive a small commission if you click on them at no extra cost. It’s a small way to support this platform while benefiting from the deals!

Expect More Than Just School Supplies

While I’ll be hunting for the best classroom resources and teaching tools deals, you can also expect to see an assortment of baby-related deals. I’ll share the best bargains, from baby gear to toys and clothes. After all, who said Prime Day couldn’t be about treating our own little ones.

Something For You

Stay Tuned for Prime Day Updates

As the big days approach, make sure you stay tuned. I’ll be posting updates and sharing my favorite finds. Whether you’re looking to update your classroom tech, restock your craft cupboard, or just excited about baby deals as I am, I’ve got you covered.

So, mark your calendars, start your Prime membership trial if you haven’t already, and get ready to bag some amazing deals. The countdown to Prime Day 2023 has begun, and I can’t wait to share this shopping adventure with you!

Remember, it’s not just about the deals. It’s about finding ways to enrich our classrooms, enhance our teaching experiences, and yes, this year; it’s also about celebrating new beginnings and precious little ones. Happy deal hunting!

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