Classroom Ideas for Women’s History Month

Fresh Ideas For Women's History Month

March has arrived, and I find myself looking for ideas for Women’s history month. Fresh ideas are a must for me this year, as I recently began a new grade level. It’s important to me to celebrate women’s history month. Exploring the web this year, I found a few great tips which I’d like to share with all of you.

Fresh ideas for women's history month

Use Literature

Claudio from Two Boys and a Dad is a wonderful resource for current inspiring books about great women throughout history. Just reading summaries of each book gave me several new ideas for women’s history month this year. Check out his post below for some wonderful books for your class this month (as well as throughout the rest of the year).


Empower Your Girls

Brenda from Enjoy Teaching has a wonderful post full of strategies to empower the young girls in your classroom. She explains that we need to make sure we are providing them with proper role models through our studies, inform them of all the career options they have available, and give them the tools they need for success. What I like most about Brenda’s post is that these are strategies that I can easily follow throughout the year. You can check out her full post here:


Women’s History is Everyone’s History

Sally from Elementary Matters reminds us that Women’s history month is important for everyone. Ultimately all students benefit from learning as much as they can about the world in general. Sally says, we are all different yet we are all the same. You can view her full post here:


Putting it all together

Celebrating women’s accomplishments is something that we should do everyday. Children should understand that all humans are important, and that many different kinds of people have contributed important things to our society throughout history and in the present. Most importantly all children need to understand that they will create the future, and that their future is limitless.

Classroom Ideas for Women\'s History Month
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