Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching.

I was recently sent a beautiful poster about Halloween safety.  It was created by Andrew at Port Charlotte Honda.  Halloween is a fun time of year, but it is also important for parents, teachers, and children to remember the do’s and don’ts of Trick or Treating safety.  Here is the poster:

Trick or Treating is always fun.  These tips will help everyone stay safe.  I think my favorite tip is #1 on the poster.  Be sure  to eat before trick or treating.  It’s a smart way to make sure that all of the candy can be checked by adults before kids eat it.  It also can keep your little ones from eating more candy than you’d like.  I’m always careful when Halloween falls on a weekday, and kids have school the next day.  One way to prevent extra grumpiness or hyperactivity the day after the holiday, is by monitoring the amount of sugar kids eat on Halloween.  It can also help kids go to bed at a decent hour after a night of trick or treating.  So, be sure and have your little ones eat a good meal before they go trick or treating.


I also like tips #’s 4 and 5, about discussing the route before you begin Trick or Treating.  If you’ve clearly stated the boundaries with your children, there’s no need for an argument about when to head home the night of.  Not only does this help keep kids safe in the event you split up that night, but it can also help avoid an argument – which is always a plus.  Whatever your path this holiday, be sure to have fun!


Do you have any safety, or fun tips for Trick or Treating?  Please feel free to share them below, and have a fun and safe holiday!

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