Best Way To Paint With a Class!

I love painting with my students, probably because I loved painting so much as a child myself. The struggle of course, is prepping the paint and then cleaning up afterwards. Nevertheless, I always paint with my class. Recently, however, I was given an opportunity to try out Kwik Stix in my room.  I LOVED them.

The timing to try them was perfect, because we needed to prepare for our school festival that evening.  We needed to create signs to advertise our booth.  We were short on time, so I wasn’t sure if we could squeeze a painting project in.  I pulled out the Kwik Stix, and quickly explained how they worked.  My students were eager to try them out, and they got straight to work on their signs.
My students enjoyed the way the paint sticks glided across the paper, and I think they enjoyed not having to worry about getting themselves or their clothes dirty.  The best part is, that they explored a new medium of paint.  The whole idea of Kwik Stix is new, but my students were able to compare and contrast the paint sticks to painting with a brush.  Overall we noticed that students had more control over where the paint went using the Kwik Stix.  There were also no unexpected splatters, which the students liked a lot.  This was a very positive experience, and Kwik Stix are my new best friend when it comes to painting in the classroom!  
Our posters did the trick and we had a very successful booth at our festival.  Here are some of their final posters.
I am hosting a giveaway for a pack of Kwik Stix.  Enter your information below and the winner will be chosen this Thursday, April 28th 2016.

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