Fun with Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Activities for Students

When it comes to dinosaur activities in school, you want lessons that children will enjoy but that also incorporate solid learning.  Dinosaurs are a perfect hit for science lessons in elementary school.  Here are some tips to help you and your students have fun with dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Activities for Students

Why Do Children Love Learning About Dinosaurs?

I’ve wondered what it is about dinosaurs that children love so much for years.  Recently my mother (a primary teacher of 34 years) and I had a conversation about this.  It’s the mystery of what happened to them, it’s the curiosity about what they looked like, it’s the idea that huge creatures roamed the earth before humans did.  Dinosaurs are ferocious, yet safe to learn about because they are extinct today.  Whatever the reason or reasons, children LOVE learning about dinosaurs.  It is one of my favorite second grade science lessons, and my students can’t get enough of them.  Here are a few tips to make your dinosaur unit fun.

1.  Cover different types of dinosaurs

There are so many dinosaurs, you certainly won’t be able to cover all of them.  Just make sure that you give your students a variety.


2.  Allow students to come up with their own ideas

Remember, archaeologists discover new facts about prehistoric life constantly.  Do not stifle future historians, scientists and paleontologists with their ideas today.  It may be a second or third grade science lesson, but that does not mean that your students are not ready to learn more.

Kids doing Dinosaurs Activities

3.  Incorporate writing into your unit

I know, I always say this – but writing goes with everything. Once students begin thinking about dinosaurs they have so many wonderful questions and ideas.  Have your students write down their ideas, and turn them into stories.  This is also the perfect way to get a writing grade from a second grade science lesson as well.  For more strategies on getting more than one subjects grade out of the same activity, click here.

4.  Allow hands on creativity.

My students love making our dinosaur pop up books, but there are so many wonderful hands on dinosaur activities out there.  I have seen teachers reenact paleontology digs by using sand and “bones”.  Students can construct their own dinosaurs using paper mache.  Whatever method you choose, dinosaurs are definitely a unit of study that lends itself to hands on work.

End of School Year Dinosaur Activity
Dinosaurs Bulletin Board

5.  Take a Field Trip

If you are fortunate enough to live near a science museum that covers dinosaurs – definitely visit one.  I am fortunate to teach near the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, IL.  Each year my class visits and we get to see Sue (the most complete T-Rex ever recovered).  My students love seeing her, and learning about her.

Dinosaur Sue at Field Museum of Chicago

As you study your dinosaur unit keep the mystery there.  Remind students that we are still learning more about dinosaurs everyday.  Let them know that if they are really interested, they may be the future paleontologist to discover something truly amazing!

Fun with Dinosaurs
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