Have Fun With Teaching

Have Fun With Teaching

Teachers have a passion for teaching.  Every now and then, we all need a little spark to reignite that passion.  Here are a few of my favorite lessons by category.  I hope that they will allow you to have fun with teaching and engage your students passion for learning.  Enjoy!

Have Fun With Teaching

My Favorite 2nd grade lessons:

Have fun with teaching common core
Have fun teaching family tree project
Have fun teaching Dinosaurs Lessons

My favorite 2nd grade lessons include my week long Powerpoint (and Google Slides) presentations.  Each bundle has 4 presentations, 4 exit slips, and a week long assessment.  I have many second grade PowerPoint lessons which I use as minilessons in my own classroom, and they have truly changed the way I teach.  For more on how I use these in my own classroom, click here.

I also love my Family Tree Lesson and activities for Primary Grades students.  For more on how I use this lesson in my room, click here.

One of my favorite lessons each year is my Dinosaurs unit.  Second graders love dinosaurs . . .what more can I say.  They also love making pop up books.

Have Fun With Teaching My Favorite 3rd grade Curriculum:

Have fun teaching Zeely
Have fun teaching Tall Tales
Welcome to Jack
I have included two of my favorite novels that I love studying with my students:  Jack, and Zeely.  There is nothing more fun the diving into a novel with your students – either as a whole class, or in guided reading lessons.  I also included my Tall Tales Bundle which is always fun.  Students love learning about the heroes of tall tales like Paul Bunyan, John Henry, Pecos Bill, and Johnny Appleseed.

Fun Social Studies Lessons:

Native American Bundle
Freedom Quilt
American Revolution Through Leveled Texts
I love incorporating Social Studies with my literacy.  My Native Americans bundle uses engaging informative texts so that students can learn about the People of the Plains, Eastern Woodlands, Northwest Coast, and Southwest Coast Native Americans.  Each unit also includes it’s own Pop up book which incorporates art into the students learning.
My class Freedom Quilt unit is a free lesson that allows students to create their own quilt square describing the accomplishments of the African American of their choice.  Once all of the quilt squares are complete, they can be put together to make a beautiful “quilt”.  This product does not require any sewing, just a stapler and bulletin board will complete this project.
My American Revolution Through Leveled texts unit takes three novels and allows students at various reading levels to delve into the time of the American Revolution.

Favorite Guided Reading Lessons:

Have fun with teaching Charlotte's Web
Welcome To Toliver's Secret
Welcome To The Polar Express

Have Fun With Teaching