May 1st, Five For Friday

This week is over, and I cannot believe how much we did.  Here goes:

I took my students to our schools annual book fair.  Our PTA exceeded their goal this year, so it was a definite success.  I officially took my class on Monday, however, each day I had students bring in money to go again.  I'm grateful that I have a class that loves to read!

 We began reading our final novel of the school year The City of Ember by Jeanne Duprau.  This is one of my favorite books to share with my students.  It's a great Science Fiction, alternative future novel.  It's perfect for the end of the school year because it is the first book in a series. That means my students can continue reading the rest of the series over the summer, and as they begin third grade.  I love it so much I created a lesson to go with it.  You can check out  Welcome to the City of Ember here.
To end National Poetry month, my students recited some of their favorite poems with one another.  They also finished writing the poems they created this month.

 We went on a field trip to see "Wonderland:  Alice's Rock and Roll Adventure".  It was amazing.  If you're in the Chicagoland area it's playing at the Chicago Children's Theatre.  I highly recommend it!

We began our Passport program in Social Studies.  Each week, I invite a family member in to share about a country they've lived in or visited.  This week we had our first guest, a grandparent who shared about his time visiting several countries throughout Africa.  It was a fascinating presentation, and the children loved it.

Happy Friday!

Springtime Stop Swap and Roll

PhotobucketIt's time for another Stop, Swap and Roll. This time around I was introduced to the phenomenal Alexandria Jackson from Classroom Action with Mrs. Jackson.

I visited her store, and I had a lot of items to choose from.   Since my school uses the Journey's curriculum I thought I'd try her Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend Supplemental Packet.

This supplemental packet had a bit of everything. Each week, most of my students receive 100% on their vocabulary tests. The only exception are my four weakest readers, and they truly bomb our vocabulary tests. I've tried a variety of strategies, but this week we used Mrs. Jackson's engaging cutting and pasting vocablary activity that forces students to truly think about the words, by offering slightly different definitions than those that are in the reading book.

My weaker readers took their time with the assignment, and as a result they all received higher scores on our vocabulary test.

Her packet also had activities for my strongest readers.  I often feel the activities in our Journey's workbooks are too easy for my highest readers.  Mrs. Jackson took care of that with several challenging maps and flow charts.  I especially liked challenging my highest students to answer several higher order thinking questions about the story in complete sentences.  

My Students also found the new activities refreshing.  We enjoyed the supplemental packet so much, I already purchased one for our next Journey's story.  

You can enter to win this fun supplemental packet by clicking on this Rafflecopter link. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please head over to Ms. Jackson's blog and check out the product she picked out from my store. I've put the air and weather unit she blogged about on sale this week.  There are a ton of other product swaps and giveaways.  You can check them all out below.  Enjoy!

April 17th - Five for Friday

This week has gone by rather quickly.  Here are my five for this week.

My students came back from break and we began our final marking period of the school year.  We took some time to begin our quarter with a fresh start, and a little spring cleaning.

We began studying capacity, and learned how to convert quarts to gallons, and so on.  We used this cute free conversion sheet from Serendipity in Second Grade.  The conversion chart allowed my students to be successful at a lesson that is usually quite challenging for them.

Thursday was Report Card pick-up day, so I met with parents and discussed their students' progress. 

I used a few extra minutes between parent teacher conferences to put up our Paul Bunyan pop up books.  They really came out cute.  One of my favorite free lessons!

I drove to Kentucky to spend time with some of my friends.

Happy Friday!

Spring Break Five For Friday

I LOVE Spring Break! It is such a fun time to relax, and have fun. This week I had time to do many things I have not had time to do while working.

I filed my taxes. Yes, I waited until the last minute this year. This is not normal for me at all, however, they are done and that's the important thing.

I went shopping! I'm sure this is par for the course, but I had some extra time and I headed to the outlet mall. I had a lot of fun there.

I worked on my new Dinosaurs unit that I should be posting soon. At the beginning of this school year, my second graders let me know they'd love learning about dinosaurs. So, I told them we would study them in the spring. Well, spring is here and my unit is almost ready.

I rested. Rejuvenation is very important, and I was able to do that this week.  I also caught up on a few movies I wanted to see.

I did a bit of organizing in my own home. I cleaned out three drawers which have been driving me crazy. Overall I had a great week!

Five For Friday

So this week I decided to link up with Five for Friday for the first time.  Here goes.

1.    I put up my fraction flowers bulletin board.  I got this wonderful free lesson from Simply Skilled in Second, and I LOVE them.  I think they came out beautiful.

2.     It was the week before Spring break, and my students had earned a fun activity.  We learned about Hyperbole by reading several Paul Bunyan stories, and then creating my favorite free activity -  Paul Bunyan Lesson and Pop Up books.  They also came out beautiful, and my kids had a blast!

3.     While my students were busy with their Paul Bunyan projects, I was able to finalize all of my third quarter grades!  YAY!!  Thursday was the last day of our marking period.

4.     On Thursday my students presented their women's history month projects.  Yes, Thursday was the second day of April, however, my students spent the month of March learning about many fabulous women.  Their presentations showed me that the time was well spent.

5.     My blog was redesigned by Lindsey Johnston!  I love the new design, and hope that you do too.  Happy Friday!!
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