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How To Be Healthy As A Teacher

5 tips to get and stay healthy as a teacher

As teachers, we often put our students’ needs before our own. We might not have time for doctor’s appointments or to cook balanced meals. However, it’s important to take care of yourself so that you can be the best teacher possible! So, how can you be healthy as a teacher? Here are 7 easy tips to get and keep yourself healthy as a busy teacher. Tip #1 Get Enough Sleep! I know this can be difficult. Between late nights grading…

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    How do teachers manage their time? Right now you’re busy organizing everything to have a successful school year. We’re updating files, organizing our room, and planning future lessons. I’ve blogged about…

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    Ultimate Teacher Self Care

    So we talk a lot about teacher self care. Normally we speak of things like getting proper rest, or treating ourselves to a massage.  Rarely do we speak of things like…