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Save The Insects: Having Fun with Insects and Plants

Butterfly on top of a plant

Making Insects and Plants Fun My students and I have had so much fun studying insects and plants this quarter that I wanted to share it with all of you.  We have done hands on experiments (which my students LOVED), we have also done a lot of reading and writing activities around our experiments.  We even found a way to make the reading, and writing part fun so that my students were able to research their favorite insects. How do…

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  • Fun with Air and Weather

    Fun With Air and Weather!

    Children love learning about the weather.   Kids observe the weather everyday, and cannot help but be curious about.  I always make studying the weather part of my science lessons with my second…

  • How to make Teaching Science stress free

    Science is a great subject to teach, but can be cumbersome to prep at times.  Here are some tips to keep you teaching Science, while keeping your sanity. Science is everywhere…

  • Teacher, Why Is It So Cold?!

    Last week’s cold blast closed schools in Chicago for two days!  I know the weather was rough throughout most of the country as well.  This makes this a great time of…