Family Tree Project | Templates | Activities for Primary Grades

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This digital download contains a variety of family tree templates, lessons, and activities for primary-aged students.


This family tree project is designed to help primary students create their own family trees, while building a deeper understanding of their own families. This project contains templates and writing activities designed to get young kids thinking about their own families. Several family tree templates are provided to include a variety of family structures – including adoption. There are also blank formats for families who wish to name their own members. There are four color and black-and-white versions of each format.

This project is great as a stand-alone lesson and is also a great companion activity for any stories about family. If you’re using the Journey’s curriculum this activity is a great companion to the story “Mi Familia – My Family”.

This project is printable and digital.

Happy customers have said:

* “It’s always amazing to me how some students do not know grandma/grandpa’s names or even mom/dad’s names! This was great for them to take home and find out! Thank you!”

* “I liked this packet and it helped me learn more about my students.”

* “My class enjoyed this! Thank you for helping my class learn about family trees.”


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