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This digital downloadable zip file contains 6 PDF’s of Native American regions and the first Thanksgiving.  Study four different Native American regions with your class.  After learning about Native American history students may complete a diorama pop-up book art project for each region.


This digital download is a Zip folder containing 6 PDF files.  Study four Native American Regions: People of the Plains, Eastern Woodlands, Northwest Coast, and Southwest Coast Native Americans with your students.

Each unit includes informational texts for a detailed study of four diverse groups of first Americans. Each unit also allows students to create a foldable diorama pop-up book. The included reading selections cover the history of each Native American region including daily life, customs, spirituality, and the forced migration of tribes. The final activity allows students to create diorama pop-up books about the first people.

This unit incorporates literacy and social studies. This unit is a great source of informational text. Special topics include Eastern Woodland tribes and the First Thanksgiving, how the United States Army worked with the Navajo tribe to create a secret code during World War II, and the meaning behind totem poles.

In addition, I have included three bonus pages. The first gives directions on how to use students’ foldable pop-up books, to make one accordion-style pop-up book. The last two bonus pages include graphic organizers to help your students write a final paper about Native American culture. Students may choose between a paper comparing and contrasting two different Native American groups or summarizing interesting facts they learned about each group of first Americans.


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Digital Downloadable Zip Folder

Digital downloadable Zip folder containing 6 PDF's of Native American region lessons, the first Thanksgiving lesson and diorama pop-up books. Product is ready to print on standard letter size 8 and 1/2 by 11 inches.


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