Summer Tech Talk

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about technology in the classroom. I recently had the opportunity to try out a new program with my students. It’s called Mathletics. It’s a math program that is tailored for individual students in the room. It was pretty easy to set up each students’ account, and then I let my class try it out.

I was not sure how my students would react to it, as we use other math programs in the classroom. I was a bit surprised when my first student said that he loved it. I then asked other students, and overall they really liked it. They said they loved the graphics, and the ability to try out different math skills. The next day, my students asked if they could log back into Mathletics.

I  started with their free two week trial. There were a few features that really stood out for me. I liked being able to assign certain skills for students to work on.

The nicest feature, was assigning math groups based on the Mathletics skill. My students often want to work together while their doing their techonolgy work, but because the other technology programs I use are so differentiated they’re rarely working on the same skill at the same time. Mathletics has a feature that allows teachers to assign students their skill, so that you can build a guided math lesson for a small group around it.

Another  feature that I know my students liked was the competition. Students can actually compete for points with other students using Mathletics around the world. Healthy competition is always a good thing.

You can get your own free 2 week trial by clicking here.  They have a summer promotion going now that allows you to subscribe and have free access until August 31st, 2016.

If you like it, and want to get your school to purchase it, I highly recommend working with Regional Manager Debbie Jones.  She is so sweet!  She will come to your school and demonstrate everything for your principal.  To schedule an administrative demonstration email her at debbie.jones@3plearning.


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