French Lick Spring Bloggers Meetup

Last weekend I had so much fun as I joined fellow Teacher Bloggers in French Lick, Indiana. This time of year, is always tough for me.  I’m ready for Spring, but the nice weather has not arrived yet (I love living in Chicago, but it takes a while for Spring to get started here).  I feel like I’m ready for a break, but it’s not quite time for Spring Break either.  The timing for our weekend retreat could not have been better.  I stayed at the French Lick Springs Hotel.  The resort and spa are beautiful, and the entire staff is friendly and outgoing.

My Mother was my traveling companion for the weekend, and after a long drive there on Friday night after work, we were ready to relax Saturday morning.  The first thing we did was take a relaxing soak in a mineral bath at the amazing spa at the French Lick Springs Hotel. The mineral bath was truly relaxing, and I rested in their amazing spa before going on with my

day.  After visiting the spa, we had a wonderful breakfast, and then parted ways for the day.  My mother spent the day touring the town, while I headed to our teacher blogger meetup.

There were about 200 teacher bloggers there, which was a bit overwhelming at first. Then, I began

seeing some familiar faces from the TPT conferences, and other meetups I’ve attended in the past.  Seeing familiar faces calmed me.  After greeting my friends, I noticed all of the amazing products that our fabulous sponsors so generously donated to us! I have a few pictures below.  I also have links to all of our fabulous sponsors at the bottom of my blog.

At our tables, we got to know one another, and wrote down what our passion was.  As a group, my table agreed that we were all passionate about writing.  We decorated the letter n with our information and our passions.  Then, collectively all of the groups shared our information, and made this beautiful collective sign.

If those words make you think of the 1980’s film “Flashdance” then you will truly get the theme of our party later that evening.  We had an amazing 1980’s party!!  I felt like I was back in Junior High School.  Here are some amazing pictures from the evening.  I’m the one in the blue metallic leggings.

I am especially thankful to Classroom Friendly for the fabulous pencil sharpener I won!! A lot of teachers have been talking about this amazing sharpener, and now that I have one of my own I know why! My students love it, it does not disrupt the class when it’s being used, and it works great with all types of pencils! My students all lined up to give our new sharpener a whirl and suffice it to say it is a HIT in my classroom!!

Sunday morning arrived so quickly.  We all met for a farewell brunch, and then my Mother and I headed back to the Spa!  On Sunday, I soaked in the amazing mineral bath again, and I followed it with a massage.  I truly enjoyed that spa!!  Afterwards, my mother and I went to visit the sister resort:  The West Baden Springs Resort.  I learned that it was once the 8th wonder of the world.  After seeing it in person, I know why.  The indoor dome is amazing!  You feel like you are outdoors, even though you are inside.  Truly relaxing and breathtaking.  If you are looking for a relaxing place to visit, I would recommend either the French Lick Springs Hotel or the West Baden Springs Resort.  They are both beautiful places with extremely outgoing and friendly staffs.

Before we knew it, it was Sunday afternoon and time to head home.  I am grateful for my time in French Lick, and cannot wait to return again next year.  Thank you so much to Ehle and all of the other organizers!  A special thank you to all of our amazing sponsors who I am listing below.  Finally, if you want to read about how other teacher bloggers found the weekend, check out their blogs below.

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  • It All Started with Flubber
    March 24, 2016 at 5:35 am

    It was great to meet you, Michelle – and all of the other inspiring teacher-bloggers who are passionate educators! We had a blast and can't wait for next year!

    • Michelle
      March 27, 2016 at 12:31 am

      It was great meeting you as well!

  • abc
    April 29, 2016 at 6:14 am

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