Spring Break Five For Friday

I LOVE Spring Break! It is such a fun time to relax, and have fun. This week I had time to do many things I have not had time to do while working.

I filed my taxes. Yes, I waited until the last minute this year. This is not normal for me at all, however, they are done and that’s the important thing.

I went shopping! I’m sure this is par for the course, but I had some extra time and I headed to the outlet mall. I had a lot of fun there.

I worked on my new Dinosaurs unit that I should be posting soon. At the beginning of this school year, my second graders let me know they’d love learning about dinosaurs. So, I told them we would study them in the spring. Well, spring is here and my unit is almost ready.

I rested. Rejuvenation is very important, and I was able to do that this week.  I also caught up on a few movies I wanted to see.

I did a bit of organizing in my own home. I cleaned out three drawers which have been driving me crazy. Overall I had a great week!

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